Barn Swift Nest Building

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MurphyMy yard is full of barn swifts flying in and out of the porch and living in my garage.  I love to sit on the porch and watch them flying so fast and eating TONS of bugs as they fly through the air.  They like to build nests in little crevices so the board above my kitchen window, the gutter  in the back and the gutter space on the side porch are all nesting sites.  The nest over the bathroom window has so many of my dogs torn up stuffed animals in it that you can’t see the nest at all.  On the side of the yard in a burning bush shrub is a tiny nest with three tiny light blue eggs.  I looked the type of nest  and eggs up in my bird book.  I think it is a wren’s nest.  The funny thing is that the nest is made completely of my dog, Murphy’s, Hair.  That is one soft nest.

What have you observed in your yard this week?

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    summer is here mrs.b

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